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The 4th Ring Transportation Corridor in Zhengzhou Won the ASBI Bridge Award of Excellence


Recently, American Segmental Bridge Institute(ASBI)held its 33rd annual meeting and committee meeting in Tucson, Arizona, and awarded the 2021 Bridge Award of excellence to The 4th Ring Transportation Corridor in Zhengzhou. 

Founded in 1989, ASBI is the world's largest and most authoritative industry association in the field of segmental assembled bridges. ASBI Engineering Excellence Award was established in 2003 and is selected every two years. The selection mainly involves innovative design and construction of bridges, rapid construction, aesthetics and ecological environment protection, cost competitiveness, minimizing the impact of construction on public travel, etc. it has high popularity and recognition in the world.

The total investment of The 4th Ring Transportation Corridor in Zhengzhou project is about 50 billion yuan. As the largest single municipal construction project since the founding of the people's Republic of China, adhering to the concept of green and low-carbon construction, Zhengzhou Fourth Ring Road project has selected the industrialization 3.0 construction mode, becoming the world's largest industrialized segmental prefabrication project of bridges. The extremely complex project with such a large volume, short construction period, many nodes and high traffic pressure adopts the short line segmental prefabrication method based on the integrity bridge structure design (continuous rigid frame without support), which is the first case in domestic municipal engineering and the leading level in the world.

Dr. Sun Junling, chairman of Sun International, is the general technical director of Zhengzhou Fourth Ring Road Engineering Survey and Design Consortium. Since returning to China for development in 2003, Dr. Sun Junling has been committed to promoting green and low-carbon bridge industrialization technology in China.

"The upgrading of bridge industrialization is an important foundation for a powerful transportation country. The segmental Prefabrication Technology is not only the inevitable direction of the upgrading of bridge industrialization, but also a pearl of bridge construction. Through years of accumulation and research, Hanyang team has broken through the most difficult three-dimensional control technology." Dr. Sun Junling said. Sun International team has further studied the structural design, manufacturing and installation process and information technology, obtained a number of patents, and has been successfully applied to high-speed railway, intercity railway, urban rail transit, highway and major municipal projects, laying a foundation for promoting the upgrading of transportation infrastructure industry.

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